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FRIDAY, APRIL 18, 2014
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Key Points About Low Salt Diets

Low salt diets are a necessity for people who suffer from heart disease, hypertension, kidney failure, cirrhosis, diabetes and several others. The problem is that a regular diet usually contains a lot more salt than the body needs. Sodium salts are the ones causing the trouble, and they are the most extensively used. However, besides salt, sodium is also taken from milk, vegetables, water and all sorts of food products that contain additives and preservers. Moreover, most condiments and seasonings contain salt in very high percentage. This makes the creation of low salt diets problematic, because of the need to find so many substitutes.

Low salt diets should include fewer processed foods. The worst choices here would be frozen dinners, potato chips and cured meats.

You should carefully read the label of the products you choose so that you know the amount of sodium they contain. There are items labeled ‘low sodium’, and you need those for low salt diets.

Use spices and herbs to flavor food. Adding salt can harm your health.

Find out which foods are naturally low in sodium. There are plenty of food lists you can find on the Internet, and you should check those carefully for all the food categories they include. You can switch to a healthier diet thanks to such online materials!

For low salt diets, water is often a problem. High amounts of salt pass in drinking water because of regenerative water softeners. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to what you drink. Even if some products are labeled ‘drinking water’, their consume may not be safe. The label usually provides information on the sodium content.

A more recent market trend dedicated exclusively to consumers on low salt diets is the availability of low sodium products online. Such products fall in a similar category with low carb and low fat foods. Little by little, we’ll come to get such products from the supermarket directly.

Dietitians and health care providers offer help and advice for patients who need low salt diets. For existing health conditions, it is important to know what options you have, how you can deal with them, and how diet influences the overall health status.

No matter how important it may be to achieve correct nutrition, you must take personal preferences into consideration too when creating low salt diets. You should like what you eat, that’s for sure! Moreover, check your health condition periodically to detect improvement or deterioration.

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